2019-04-06-MLOF-1080x1080-InstagramKashmir Graffiti


This event is FREE and all are welcome. We ask that NO DOGS are brought to this event.
Reusable cups will be sold for $1 to continue our efforts in reducing waste.



NO SEATING RESERVATIONS- will be mostly standing room in the main taproom area


You know we love an excuse to hold a party. Oktoberfest, our Beerthday,  Chriskindsmarkt, Arctic Fever…we just love ‘em. Well, to answer that we’d like to ask everyone to block off April 6th for our Wall Party.

This party celebrates the official removal of the last wall that separated our new space from our old space. Most importantly, what would a Wall Party be without a Pink Floyd tribute band? It would be a pointless Wall Party, that’s what. So we’ve booked out Momentary Lapse of Floyd and look forward to celebrating the merging of our spaces with all who wish to attend.

April 6th, 2019

Kashmir Graffiti


Kashmir Graffiti is a Classical Guitar, Bass and Keyboard trio (T.C. Ortberg, Scott Strauss, Wes Ruelle) performing instrumental arrangements of Led Zeppelin’s acoustic based songs…which come alive in this setting.

Music by Momentary Lapse of Floyd (Pink Floyd Tribute)