Growler Care and Events

Good morning folks!

Last week we debuted our XLCR Pale Ale to the masses and have gotten some great responses. We’re glad to see that the beer is being well received, thanks to everyone who came out last week. We dig the support!

This has meant we are swamped on growler sales at the moment, literally selling out our ENTIRE inventory the last couple weeks. Fear not, we have another shipment arriving mid-week so there will be chances to take home our Big Island Blond, debuting this week! For anyone who came out and was unable to get a growler last week, we are really, truly sorry. As in any business, it can be hard to gauge what kind of response you will receive your first time around. Fortunately the response has been great, unfortunately it led to a shortage in our growler inventory. We appreciate the patience on your end as we figure it out.

HOWEVER, on the growler note, we have some requests from those who have purchased growlers. Since we have refilled a ton of growlers in the past week, we are starting to notice something you folks can help us with a little bit:

  1. Once you finish off the beer in your growler, PLEASE give it a quick double rinse in hot water. This will make sure to eliminate some of the “funkiness” that has come back in some of the growlers.
  2. After you rinse, please let it dry, preferably upside down, without the cap on. Air ventilation = good thing.
  3. Please do not use dish soap, as this is a pain in arse to get out when we sanitize. Nobody wants a soapy beer

Going forward, we will be giving every growler that comes back the “sniff” test. Don’t be offended when we do, we trust you. It’s just the OTHER guy we’re worried about. If it’s funky, we will kindly remind you about proper growler care and probably give you a mean scowl. If it’s clean, you will be rewarded with a smile and a high five.


July 19-21 РCrazy Days:  We will be open for normal taproom hours (Thu and Fri 4-10, Sat 2-10). Swing on by during the festivities and say hello!

July 21 – All Pints North Beer Fest – Duluth, MN

July 21 – Highland Park Beer Dabbler – St. Paul, MN

No tours this week due to the massive amount of events, but please come say hi at any of the above listed places!

As usual, cheers and have a great week everyone.