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Frequently Asked Questions about the Excelsior Brewing Company Taproom & Brewery

  • Do you have food in the taproom?

We do not serve food in the taproom. We have little pre-packaged snacks such as Snyder’s Pretzels, Meat & Cheese bites from Mackenthuns & Karma Cashews. Guests are welcome to carry in their own take out or snacks. Our buddies at Olives FreshPizza delivers to the taproom as well! Give them a jingle, place your order and they will run it over to you in the taproom!  Otherwise you can pick up food at The Suburban, Coalition, Red Sauce Rebellion, Kowalski’s, Yumi’s, Myabi, and Cast & Cru all of which carry Excelsior beers.   Or check out Excelsior Chamber of Commerce for other fine establishments.


  • Do you provide napkins or any of that jazz?

No kitchen = no utensils. Please be sure to request what you need when ordering take out or pizza from Olives. If you are bringing in your own food please be sure to bring all the napkins and utensils you will need! We ask that you throw away anything you have brought in in the provided trash receptacles. Our staff is great at pouring beer and are often busy making sure you have a pint in hand!

  • Do you have wine or alcohol? Can I bring my own?

MN Law states that taprooms are only legally allowed to serve the beer that is brewed on site. This means absolutely NO outside alcohol is allowed in the building. If you are seen with outside alcohol of any kind we will have to ask you to leave. Don’t make us do that! We like you!

  • Do you allow dogs?

Heck yes! And we are proud of it. Check out all the rules that go along with having the state granted privilege to allow your pups. 

  • Do you allow children?

Yes! Kids are always welcome. We ask that children are always with their parents. There is a lot of dangerous equipment in and around the brewery. Kids cannot be running around unfortunately and must stay next to their parents at all times. We have fun games by the front door that kids are welcome to play.

After 8pm anyone under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If not with a parent or guardian no one under 21 will be allowed in after 8pm.

  • Do you have NA beverages?

We sure do. Excelsior Craft Sodas are now on tap. We house make the following:

  • Big Reggies Root Beer
  • Funhouse Grape Soda
  • Minnetonka Gold Lemonade

We also carry Coke, Diet Coke and bottled water.

  • What is on tap?

Check out our What’s on Tap & in Growlers page.

  • What band is playing tonight?

Check out our event calendar. Follow us on Facebook too for daily updates.

  • Do you allow party busses?

We sure do. We do appreciate a heads up so we can be staffed appropriately for you and your guests. Please email contact@excelsiorbrew.com with the date, time and estimated number of guests.

  • What are your hours?

Regular Hours

  • Monday – closed and available for private events
  • Tuesday – 4pm-10pm
  • Wednesday – 4pm-10pm
  • Thursday – 4pm-10pm
  • Friday – 12pm-11pm
  • Saturday – 12pm-11pm
  • Sunday – 12pm-6pm



  • Do you host private or semi-private events? Do you take reservations?

We do rent our space for private events as well as semi-private events. Please email the event manager for more details. contact@excelsiorbrew.com

We do not take reservations of any kind. All tables are first come first serve in the taproom!

  • Where can I buy your beer? How about your merch?

Please see our beer finder for a bottle shop near you. Calling your local shop and asking for delicious Excelsior Brewing Company beer works too!

You can find our merchandise in the taproom or in our online store. 


More questions we can answer? Email is the quickest way to get to us. contact@excelsiorbrew.com


Thanks for drinking local