XLCR- Now with all American hops!

XLCR- Now with all American hops!



Excelsior flagship brew XLCR to become more XLent

EXCELSIOR, MN—June 9, 2015—Local craft brewery Excelsior Brewing Company is announcing a new recipe for its flagship XLCR pale ale. The brewery has grown a lot in three years since opening its doors, and now XLCR is growing too, with more complex flavors that should delight fans of the brewery’s lineup.

Head brewer Niles Lewin explains that the recipe now features strictly American hops, resulting in a truly American Pale Ale with better mouth feel and an improved nose, while retaining the toasty, malty characteristics that helped launch the beer (and the brand) in 2012. Suggested pairings include grilled meats, sharp cheeses, and fruit-based desserts. In short, it goes with just about everything that makes America a great place to eat and drink.

If you love America, and you love beer, you’ll love this even-more-American Pale Ale. Try it today (or tonight, if that’s more convenient)!