Thursday Night Cribbage Tournament – Sign Up Here

Starting March 2018 all cribbage players will receive $3 flagship pours.
All skill levels are welcome and not only is it free to play..but we are buying your first beer (advance sign up required)! Please arrive at 6:30pm and check in at the bar.
Tournaments will be single elimination with 1st, 2nd & 3rd place receiving beer prizes. (placements receiving prizes will be based on # of participants. Under 15 playing- only 1st place will be given.) 
Prizes based on # of participants.
We would love to have a great variety of tunes on Thursday night so if you are into vinyl bring your favorite record down to spin!
*We know everyone’s Grandma taught them how to play cribbage and your Grandma might have had different rules than ours. Our Grandma wins this one- we will have house rules we will go over with everyone.