Tale of the Tape: Docktoberfest vs Oktoberfest

Docktoberfest Oct 6-8


Docktoberfest Vs. Oktoberfest

The annual harvesting of the docks is a serious business, requiring one epic party to celebrate.

Docktoberfest is that party and runs from October 6th -8th , featuring music, food and of course beers for the preeminent celebration of fall.

It has come to our attention that there is a similarly named party that takes place in Germany around the same time.  This has led to some confusion as this other party is has gained in popularity, rivaling even that of Docktoberfest.

We’d like to put that confusion to rest by clarifying a few key points.


Docktoberfest vs Oktoberfest– which is better?

Quantity vs Quality

Oktoberfest is an 18-day event that technically starts in September (!) and somehow is spelled with a K. Konfusing no?

Docktoberfest distills the revelry into a tight three days, all of which actually take place in October.  It’s all the fun, with 6x less hangovers and 100% less plane tickets.

Advantage: Docktoberfest


Oktoberfest originated in 1810 and commemorates the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig. (Yay Wikipedia!)  It was a wedding Ludwig committed to for about five minutes before beginning several affairs that kept him occupied when he wasn’t busy running Bavaria into the ground.   He was later forced to abdicate the throne after “Beer Riots in Bavaria”.  Note to self: this would be a fantastic band name.

Docktoberfest dates all the way back to 2012 and celebrates the harvesting of the docks on Lake Minnetonka.  This is an annual event that no one named Ludwig partakes in, in any capacity.  Excelsior Brewing also has no Wikipedia entry to date, so all of our scandals are only available on the dark web.

Advantage: Docktoberfest



Docktoberfest features beers brewed in the German tradition. These include Docktoberfest Märzen, Bitteschlappe German Brown Ale, Portside Pilsner, Helios Hefeweizen, and Saucy Kate Kolsch.

Oktoberfest features German beer brewed by actual Germans.

Advantage: Oktoberfest


World Wars

Oktoberfest takes place in Germany, currently sitting with a lifetime record of 0-2 in World Wars.

Docktoberfest takes place in the US of A. Undefeated and Undisputed at 2-0.

Advantage: Docktoberfest



Oktoberfest is embraced worldwide with celebrations in all corners of the globe, including something called Lacrosse in a state where macaroni and cheese counts as a vegetable.

Docktoberfest is ours and ours alone.  It celebrates the rich history of Lake Minnetonka, Excelsior and Minnesota.  A community so bad ass that here the Super Bowl is a home game.

Advantage: Docktoberfest


As you can see Docktoberfest checks in with a massive 4-1 thrashing of that other fall beer festival with the spelling problem. With 12 bands, incredible food and beer, Docktoberfest is truly a party for the ages.

Join us in our massive tent and treat yourself to the rager that marks the center of our events calendar.

It all starts at 4pm on Friday October 6th and runs through Sunday, so pull your dock, it’s time to rock.

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