Super Bowl Brew Ideas


As the NFL season comes to an end with the league’s top teams squaring off, we at Excelsior Brewing would like to assist you in your beer purchasing decisions for this Sunday. Check out your beer options and see how it stacks up with the talent on the field:

Big Island Blond (22 oz. bottles and Growlers): Hailing from Lake Minnetonka, this biscuity beast packs a flavor punch with a light body. Player Equivalent: Matt Prater

matt praterXLCR Pale Ale (22 oz. bottles and Growlers): Balanced as they come, XLCR does it all. Like a dual threat QB, our pale hits on two fronts (malt and hops). Super Bowl Equivalent: Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson


Bitteschlappe Brown Ale (22 oz. bottles and Growlers) : Big up front, smooth on the back end. Bitteschlappe has become known as much for its name as its exceptional attributes. Super Bowl Equivalent: Richard Sherman

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Seattle SeahawksOar Lock Oat Stout (750 ml bottles only): Oar Lock brings it all. Bold flavor & depth, encompassing what a great stout is about.¬†Known to be consumed faster than you can say “Omaha”. Super Bowl Equivalent: Peyton Manning



Bud Light (available in far too many packages): Weak, obnoxiously bubbly and lacking substance. An annoying distraction at best, this beer brings nothing worthwhile. Super Bowl Equivalent: Annoying Drunk Fan