Ryder Cup ’16- Fresh Hops & Private Oates

Professional golf is a sport played by gentlemen and ladies.  It is characterized by solitary contemplation, internal battles and perseverance– always with a focus on decorum, honor and respect…

and then there is the Ryder Cup.

Like Caddy Day at the Bushwood pool, it is the very antithesis of the norm.

Caddy Day at Bushwood CC

The Ryder Cup is different than any other tournament because it flips the script entirely.  At cup matches, team play, nationalism and camaraderie trump the staid tradition of the stuffy individual sport from Scotland –and it is glorious.

Polite golf claps are replaced by hugs, fist pumps and fanfare.  Boisterous fans come out in droves, geared up like a Colin Kaepernick nightmare, ready to cheer their country on to victory.  It is the ugly Americans versus the snooty Europeans and it is unlike any other tournament in the world.

And this year all of the excitement is local as Chaska’s Hazeltine National Golf Club will host the event September 27th – October 2nd.

The lessons that the Ryder Cup format teaches us are that teamwork and local pride are game-changers.  Golf as an individual sport is fine, but when golf meets nationalism and combines a team element, it is taken to the next level.

It is in this same spirit of teamwork and local pride that we introduce a new Ryder Cup tribute beer, our Rye-Der IPA.

This limited edition wet-hopped India Pale Ale is as local as it gets using hops sourced from Mound and Navarre.  Perhaps more notable, these hops went from plant to brew in less than 24 hours and it took a team to do it.  Taproom regulars combined with staff to source every batch of hops and refine the recipe to deliver the full flavor of each and every one.

It is a truly Minnesota beer for celebration of a Minnesota event.   But it is only available this week (9/26)  in our taproom.

Be sure to stop in on Friday night as we’ve got the pre-eminent Hall and Oates cover band, Private Oates slated to headline at 9:30pm and kick the party into high gear.

So get local, find a team and grab a pint, it’s time to show our Minnesota pride.