New Year, New Beer – Excelsior Brewing Co.


2013 EBC 0002


When was the last time you created a New Year’s resolution that you actually got to enjoy, a resolution that was actually worth keeping? Here at the Excelsior Brewing Co. we challenge you to try a new beer this year! We now have 6 taps displayed at our brewery that are nothing less than perfection. Expand your taste buds and beer horizons with our XLCR Pale Ale, Bridge Jumper IPA, Big Island Blond Ale, Bitteschlappe Brown Ale, Shattered Solstice Ale and Mr. Jimmy Ruby Brown Ale. Not only will you enjoy our beer, you will be able to brag to your friends that you have successfully fulfilled a New Year’s Resolution. Also, prepare yourself for the Oar Lock Oat Stout, our newest winter seasonal. The beer contains the perfect blend of roasted barley, black malt, and oats adding an impeccable texture of creaminess that’s sure to light a fire in your belly with distinctive flavor, balance, and class. So lace up your boots and brush the snow off your car because you should kick off this New Year the right way, with an Excelsior brew in hand.