National American Beer Day- Finally, a fake holiday for the rest of us



The greeting card companies have contrived many a holiday.

Virtually all of these involve some half-baked and poorly masked excuse to either make husbands feel guilty, drive sales or both. Just a week and a half ago something called Sweetest Day came and went.

Did you notice?

We were frankly dubious of the entire practice, until we checked the fake holiday calendar and saw that October 27th is something called National American Beer Day (NABD).  Suddenly our attitude changed.

A chance to crack a few cold ones on a random Tuesday in October? We’re in.

Are you new to the rich and storied tradition of NABD? So is everyone.

Since the whole thing is pretty loosely defined, we decided to lend a hand and add some structure.

Effective immediately…

  • Greeting cards of any kind are not allowed for NABD. A simple left-handed handshake delivered while clutching a malt beverage will suffice as acknowledgement of the High Holiday.
  • Buffalo wings (a quintessential American food) are now the preferred food accompaniment for all NABD celebrations. Also acceptable, apple pie. If celebrating alone- Funyuns and beef jerky.
  • Consumption of cheap swill at NABD sanctioned events is verboten. Since Belgians and South Africans own the two major breweries, this should be obvious. Support your local brewery and their superior products.

That’s it, pretty straightforward. If an enterprising young EBC aficionado could see to it to post these regulations on Wikipedia, we’ll make this thing quasi-official.  Thank you in advance and Happy National American Beer Day.

  • What did we miss? Got an idea for another new NABD tradition? Post it on our Facebook page.
  • Looking for last minute NABD gifts? Growler koozies makes a fantastic present and are available in the taproom all this week –with special NABD pricing (not really).