How ’bout this weather?

Welcome to Minnesota, home of frozen people, frozen cars and frozen lakes!

While our fat bike race may not have gone off as planned with the weather conditions, I have to commend the folks that came out anyway. Whenever you bank of certain weather conditions as a determining factor for an event in our state, you’re taking a chance. While the temperature cooperated, the massive wind gusts did not. That being said, it was hella cool seeing over 100 fat bikers lined up for our race on Lake Minnetonka. We knew we were in for some trouble when course officials were being blown across the lake while standing on their feet, but that didn’t deter our racers. Everyone made an honest effort to trek out onto our course and it was a badass scene to say the least.

Despite having to call the ride off early on, some brave individuals (including our head brewer Bob Duvernois) completed the trek anyway. Hats off to the folks that made an effort and to the few that finished anyway. There are hardly any friendlier people than bikers, and they all seemed to take the day in stride. The rest of the day was awesome, with Tim Mahoney and Bob Barley putting on stellar performances and Deli By the Bay providing AMAZING food for visitors. Thank you to everyone (bikers and drinkers alike) who made the day a success in spite of Mother Nature’s intentions.

We also had the chance to pour at the first annual ‘Hops for Hunger’ event in NE Minneapolis. This was a kickass fundraiser for the SACA Foodshelf and featured great beer and music at Uppercut Boxing Gym. Props to Dave for putting it on, cannot wait to do it again next year.

Now that we’ve gotten in our workout for the winter, it’s time to focus on drinking some beer! This weekend, we have a bevy of events for you to quench your thirst. Saturday we will be participating in the Winter Beer Dabbler in downtown St. Paul. Over 7,500 are expected to attend, it’s going to be a party and a half. That same day, we are sampling with the folks at Warehouse Winery in an attempt to break down the boundaries of fermented grains and fermented grapes. Finally, this Sunday, we will be pouring at Biella for a 6 course beer dinner. Tickets are still available, call Biella ASAP to make your reservations. If you cannot make any of these events, fear not! The taproom is open as always, swing out for a fresh pint and play a game of jenga or two.

Again, thanks to everyone who helps us do what we love everyday. Those who support us are not forgotten, we wake up everyday knowing that we can only do what we do because of you folks. Cheers to everyone who came out last weekend and those we will see this weekend!