Historic Excelsior Personified- Mr. Jimmy

PrintHistoric Excelsior Personified- Mr. Jimmy


What makes Excelsior a superior place to live is her people. Despite being nestled in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area, the culture of small town values and the traditions of this community have persevered.

This is apparent from Excelsior’s main street to her town festivals to the continuing tradition of Excelsior Elementary School’s annual Halloween parade.  History is important here, as are the values that built this town. It makes Excelsior a truly unique place to live and work.

Perhaps no one personified this attitude quite as much as Jimmy Hutmaker. The late great city ambassador, he knew every local by name and was a fixture on and around Water Street for decades. Always up for a chat, the cigar-chomping legend even claimed his place in the rock history books by inspiring a young Mick Jagger– such was his way with people.

Jimmy epitomized life in a small town where residents take time to get to know each other and take care of their own. As both the recipient and the benefactor of this fine tradition he taught us that you can’t always get what you want, but as part of a community, you really do get what you need.

This is why we each year we brew a tribute beer to Mr Jimmy. Not only for what he did, but for what he embodied.   With each award-winning brew, he finally gets his cherry, and we all get to celebrate his legacy. Not only a win-win proposition, but a fine new tradition for a city that already has so many.

  • Now available in the taproom Mr. Jimmy’s Baltic Porter, our 2015 tribute beer to Jimmy Hutmaker.
    • Made w/ Licorice root and aged on cherry wood, this classic, true to style, Baltic porter will make you realize you got what you wanted!

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