Hey there, State Fair!

Good afternoon folks!

First off, thanks to everyone who made it to the taproom last night. You never would have known from the crowd that it was a Thursday, the place was HOPPING. Your desire to drink quality local beer and play copious amounts of Jenga made last night a huge success, we greatly appreciate it.

Secondly, we’d like to share something about ourselves with all of you. We at Excelsior Brewing have a certain preference when it comes to the seasons…

5) Spring – Although this means the start of baseball, hockey playoffs and outdoor activities of the non-ice related variety, it always seems to be too short. We love it, but not as much as the others. It’s basically the middle child of seasons.

4) Fall – Beautiful weather, leaves changing, football season. Fall has it going on, but doesn’t bring enough to the table to rank higher.

3) Summer – Lake Minnetonka. Enough said.

2) Winter – How can you EVER rank a time when folks are playing hockey at ponds and rinks across the state any lower? Minnesotans have an average body temp of 43 degrees (it’s a fact, look it up) so we can handle the cold. It just means that many more awesome things we can do outside.

BUT most importantly, our favorite season which is almost upon us…

1) State Fair Season.

This year at the State Fair is a special one for us. We will be on tap at the Ballpark Cafe with our XLCR Pale Ale! We are BEYOND psyched to get a chance to showcase our brews at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. In addition to Ballpark, swing on by the MN Brewer’s Guild booth where they will be showcasing new beers everyday, including the ever-so-delicious Big Island Blond Ale. When temps reach 90 and you’re surrounded by thousands of peeps clamoring for corn dogs, the Big Island Blond is a stellar way to cool off AND compliment your deep fried deliciousness in front of you.

For those concerned with calories and going to a “light” beer at the fair, I have to ask what the heck you are thinking?! You’re at the fair to eat your body weight in cheese and battered covered Snickers. Don’t you dare go for a light beer to save a few calories when you could enjoy a Craft brew! Shame, shame!

Another exciting event for us will be the New Brewer’s Discussion panel, which we are sharing with Fulton Brewing, on August 26th at the Brewer’s Guild booth. Swing by to hear us discuss how we came to be, where we are at currently and what the hell we plan on doing with ourselves now that we have a fully functional brewery.

The fair starts next Thursday so make sure you wind down that diet, invest in some elastic waist pants and come say hello! Until then, Cheers to you!