Excelsior Brewing Expansion!

The day we’ve been waiting for is here…it’s time for the Excelsior Brewing Expansion to kick off! 2,700 sq. feet wasn’t enough to contain all the awesomeness coming from our  brewery so we FINALLY pulled the trigger and have begun expanding our brewery. Expansion will include the addition of seven 40 bbl fermenters, two 40 bbl conditioning tanks and, most importantly, a bottling line! WHOOOOO!


This will all take place in our current location, with the new equipment going into our existing space and the taproom moving to the street-side location of our 421 3rd street home. We expect the new taproom to be ready sometime around March, with all of our additional capacity and bottles being ready to go around late April.

We couldn’t do this if it weren’t for our locals who have shown us they can drink as much craft beer as anyone out there! We’re looking forward to growing into other markets around the lake and in the cities and cannot wait to meet some new beer drinkers in the process.

Until then, we’ll keep making as much beer as we can to satisfy the thirsty people of Lake Minnetonka. In the mean time, cheers!