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Come show off your talent at Exclesior Brewing’s Open mic hosted by THE MUSIC COOP.   The Music Coop is a nonprofit dedicated to making lessons and equipment affordable for everyone!   So go get a lesson, donate and be part of a great organization.  When your skills are polished, come and play in front of your friends in the taproom!

Don’t Play?  Don’t Sweat it.   All these musicians need listeners.   Come tip one back and enjoy what your community is really made of!  



Excelsior Brewing Company, in a partnership with The Music Coop of Excelsior, hosts Open Mic nights to showcase all the great talent we have passing through the brewery. 

We are proud to partner with The Coop to bring you curated, high energy, memorable and inclusive music showcases every week. Performing solo? Great! Part of a duo? We love that! Want a chance for your full band to take our stage? Have at it!

Sign up here and secure your spot for the evening. Please leave us a note as to what you will need from Cooper, our tech representing both Excelsior Brewing and The Music Coop. You can use as little or as much of our equipment as you need! Need some backup? Cooper is great at that too. Just leave us a note and we are on it!


What we can provide:
  • Guitar Amp (Fender Frontman 25R)
  • 4-piece Drum Set (Mapex/Zildjian)
  • Full Weighted Keyboard (Casio PX-310)
  • Bass Amp (Traynor TS-25B)
  • Cajon (Meinl)
What Cooper would like to know to be ready for you:
  • Name of performer/band
  • Timeslot
  • # of performers
  • Instrumentation 
  • If they would like me to back them up (Coop can accompany on drums or lead on the fly, or play bass or chords if he get a chart ahead of time)

Questions? Comments? Needs? Ideas? Email us! contact@excelsiorbrew.com



A little about our friends at The Music Coop:

The Music Coop is a music non-profit dedicated to making lessons and equipment accessible and affordable for everyone.  Based in Excelsior, just off the bike path on George St., the Coop provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for music-making. Our teachers are well-versed in a wide variety of instruments and are committed to making music a fun and rewarding experience.  We even provide rock band programs for aspiring young rockstars! 

Cooper J Alt