Excelsior Brewing Co. – Exile on Water Street

West Metro representing on active duty! Cheers to Craig for his service

Its All Over Now as our favorite lake is looking a little lonely waiting for the ice to form and the pond hockey games to begin.  Our guys are waxing down their ice surfers and iceboats in anticipation, and our assistant brewer is making final tweaks to his fish shack that will surely see some ‘eyes this winter if not some Tumbling Dice.  If the limited sunlight has you thinking that I Can’t Get No Satisfaction, then the guys from Excelsior Brewing have plenty going on to lift that Beast of Burden.

Whether red, blue, green or whatever color the Libertarian Party claims (Paint It Black), we can celebrate the end of the nauseating commercials and honor the men and women who protect our freedom to cast our votes and let our voices be heard.  The Street Fighting Men and women of the armed services should be honored daily and thanked often.  November 11th, we officially celebrate Veterans Day, and since our Tap Room isn’t open on Sundays, we will raise a pint on Saturday night to honor our friends like Craig Shaver (pictured above).  All active duty and veterans will receive the first pint on us.  Please bring your proof of service and exchange it for a much deserved ‘Thank You’ and a beer of your choice.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want, but Bob and Niles have been busy brewing up what you need.  The guys were hard at work again this week, filling the town with their wonderful aromas.  You almost wonder if our legendary ambassador of years past, Jimmy Hutmaker, can smell the aroma from his resting spot?  In 1964, Mister Jimmy had an encounter with the lead singer of the Rolling Stones, who was visiting our town after playing the Excelsior Amusement park the night before.  As the song lyric states, his “favorite flavor, Cherry Red” was unavailable and sparked the response “you can’t always get what you want”.  We celebrate the legend by donating $1 per pint to the ICA from our release of Mr. Jimmy’s Baltic Porter.  This lager was boiled with licorice root and conditioned with cherry wood, to give you a subtle oak-ish after taste of this wonderfully layered Porter.  Not your bag?  No need to Start Me Up or any of our wonderful volunteers, because our taps will still have a wide selection of beers including the remaining ounces of the Oktoberfest.

When did the brewery hire White Goodman away from the Globo Gym?  “Nobody makes White Goodman bleed his own blood.”  Try to keep up with White, er, Ben and his Movember ‘stache as he’ll be all over town next week when he isn’t working the Brewery.  Gimme Shelter from the cold weather rolling in.  On Ruby Tuesday, November 13th at The Eat Shop in Plymouth we have your shelter.  Ben and the crew will be part of a great beer dinner that night, pairing some Excelsior Brew with Jeff Anderson’s wonderful creations.  Jeff focuses on local ingredients, and what better way to enjoy his cooking than with your favorite local beer.  Let’s Spend the Night Together on the 17th down at the Pig & Fiddle in Edina.  We will be taking over the taps for one night with all your favorites from the Tap Room including Mr. Jimmy’s!  And finally, in the afteroon on the 17th, the Cask Master, Bob DuVernois will putting his magic to work on a pumpkin.  What?  That’s right, our Pumpkins aren’t Shattered, and Bob will be unveiling his Pumpkin Wassail. Enjoy this concoction of Bitteschlappe Brown Ale, hard cider, spices and roasted Gideon apples DIRECTLY from the pumpkin.

Thanks again for your continued support around town, asking, no demanding your favorite restaurant to include our beer on tap.  We love those phone calls!  We don’t have Sympathy for the Devil, so Get Off of My Cloud and head over to the Tap Room where the beer is great, the Volunteers are in high spirits and the vibe is Happy!



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