Want to request a donation from us? For 2017 we are focusing our donations on charities that benefit children directly. If your charity/organization does not directly benefit children please do NOT fill out this form, as your donation will not be granted.

Donation requests must be received at least 30 days in advance for consideration!

Please fill out the form below to request a donation, and we will respond to your request if approved within 30 days. We are dedicated to supporting our local communities and hope to be a good partner that promotes responsibility and giving back. The majority of our focus is on local groups so that our donations can go back to the community that has supported us greatly.

It should be noted that in addition to giving direct donations we also are involved in fundraisers at restaurants and bars, provide meeting space in the brewery and participate in various festivals and events within the community.

Excelsior Brewing Company is committed to giving back to and actively participating in our community and beyond. We are reserving the first Monday of every month in the taproom for a 5013c organization to hold a fundraising event. Bonus: If you bring thirsty guests that are able to drink $500 worth of beer we will cut you a check for $.50 per pint we sold at your event. Email for more details or to check availability.

Click Here to download our Rental Brochure

Due to the volume of donation requests we receive we are unfortunately unable to fulfill all requests, but are doing the best we can to support. We appreciate your understanding and time. Please DO NOT contact the brewery directly- this is the official request for donation form and all other requests will be ignored. If you have not heard from us that does not mean we don’t love you- we are just unable to donate this time around and invite you to apply again for your next event.

Please click here to request a donation. Thank you for your time!

Donations for 2017

We are currently not reviewing additional donation requests until Summer of 2017 due to high volume of donation made this year.