Dana Henry – Professional Canoer/Paddler

IMG_5024dana wausau

Born into a family passionate about paddle sports, Dana Henry basically grew up in a boat. His father founded Mad River Canoe out of Waitsfield, Vermont in the 1970s. His upbringing led him to an accomplished record as both a paddler and racer.
In 1996, Dana missed qualifying for the Olympics just under a second for Whitewater Slalom. He has been teaching kayaking and white water canoeing ever since, taking him both internationally and nationally.

Dana’s favorite competition to date was held in Costa Rica in 1998. He fell in love with the country’s ambience, and stayed for a while (8.5 months) serving as a raft safety instructor.
There is no down time for Dana. When he is not paddling, Dana continues to live an active lifestyle skiing, camping, and sea kayaking. He loves the magic of water and enjoys the feeling of surfing waves that are formed by the current, propelling his boat across the width of the river.
His most proud accomplishments occur when an explanation clicks with a person he is teaching, or when a person is tentative at the beginning of the day, but grows to be comfortable with paddling by the end of the day.

Currently, Dana is also sponsored by Gear West.
Dana’s favorite Excelsior beer is Bitteschlappe Brown Ale. If he could invent any beer it would be a beer that tastes good warm because he doesn’t always have a cooler full of ice in his canoe.