Craft Beer Gifts for Festi-Chris-Kwanz-Hannu-day!

It’s that lovely time of year where Mariah Carey becomes relevant again as the Holiday music takes over our ear drums. Maybe you’re starting the mad dash to get some delectable gifts for you favorite people. Or maybe you need a beer to get over the mad dash of getting gifts. Either way, we’ve got you covered this month.

Swing into the taproom to check out our selection of apparel to keep beer lovers of all ages and genders looking as fresh as Will Smith. Sweatshirts? Got ‘em. Winter hats? You know it. Glassware? Boom, get some.

Can’t make it in during our standard taproom hours (Thu/Fri 4-10, Sat 12-10)? Fear not! Our front office will be open from 9-8 during the weekdays through the holidays to ensure those on Santa’s naughty OR nice list get what they want this year (we don’t judge).┬áHead on over to get the gear you need whenever is convenient and we will make sure you leave happy and loaded with EBC branded goodness.

All the shopping getting you stressed? Get into the taproom for a pint of our three flagship beers, plus Mr. Jimmy’s Ruby Brown Ale and Shattered Solstice. Shattered is the latest seasonal to hit our taps, with a pleasant 6.5% ABV and a spice profile that will blow your mind (coriander, orange peel, and ginger). Shop, drink, repeat. Don’t forget: Growlers are the greatest gift/holiday meal accessory known to man. Stock up, you’ll need it to get through Christmas dinner with your Great Uncle Frank.

Too busy decorating a tree/lighting the menorah/performing feats of strength to get into the brewery? That’s cool, we’ll have 22 oz. bombers of our Bitteschlappe Brown Ale and Big Island Blond Ale in liquor stores across the Metro (for locations, check out our map). We’ll also be sending out a limited number of 750ml Shattered Ale bottles for your cold weather pleasure. Get it while you can, because we know this beer will be gone faster than you can say “frostbite”.

From all of us at the brewery, we want to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Whatever You Celebrate! Hope to see you around the brewery, in the meantime, cheers!


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