Come for the Kites, Stay for the Fatties



Fourth Annual Fat Fever -February 20th


Each weekend Lake Minnetonka serves as the venue for countless outdoor fitness pursuits.  Fat-tire cyclists, kite-surfers and others coexist en route to enjoying the 22-mile expanse of God’s great gift to the twin cities.

These disparate groups meet, race and ride in autonomy, rarely interacting.

All of that will change on Saturday February 20th.  Fueled by a weather-related reschedule, Excelsior Bay (and later our taproom) will see worlds collide as kite surfers and cyclists come together in the name of fitness, diversity and a shared love of malt beverage.

The events begin at 11am with the EBC Kite Open, followed by the Fourth Annual Arctic Fat Fever Race at 2pm.  Race participants and well-wishers are invited to converge upon the taproom afterward for awards, fellowship and libations.

What some are calling a unity summit for the ages others are simply calling an excuse to tip a pint at noon.  Regardless of your take, we invite you choose your craft, sign up and enjoy.  Whether you prefer to go fly a kite or straddle a fatty, we’ll be here for awards and refreshments after.

So bring us your tired, your poorly insulated, your shivering masses yearning to be refreshed.  Minnesota’s great melting pot awaits–complete with bands, beer and brotherhood.


Race Registration & Start Times

11 am Kite Open   (bib pickup and check-in at 8am at EBC)

2 pm  Arctic Fat Fever  (bib pickup at 11am, demos 12-4pm)