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Chris Bank – Professional Wake surfer

Like most native Minnesotans, Chris Bank grew up spending the majority of his time on Minnesota’s 14,000 + lakes. At the age of 15, he began working in sales at a boat dealership, and continues to work in the water sports industry at the age of 44.  Currently Chris owns and operates Cross Point Marine, a boat lift manufacturer.

He met his wife, Stacia, in 2006 on a blind date where the two reveled over their love for water sports. They both wake surfed recreationally until 2010 when the World Championships for Wake Surfing came to the Mississippi River in Minnesota. Today, the husband-wife duo rank among the world’s most decorated pro wake surfers. The couple has managed to pass down their love for water sports raising their two sons, Afton and Sayer, and daughter, Ryan on Lake Minnetonka.

Chris is the number one ranked person in the Masters Division and a 3-time World Champion wake surfer. His favorite competition is held each September on Lake Powell, where 300ft. Red Rock cliffs set the perfect backdrop. When he’s not riding waves, you can find him playing hockey or lacrosse. His life mantra is “Keep It Fun!”

An avid supporter of Excelsior Brewing Company’s commitment to the local community, Chris’s favorite beer is Big Island Blond. If he could invent any beer it would be Salted Carmel flavored. His favorite ice cream flavor is Nicollet Avenue Pot Hole from Tommy’s Tonka Trolley.
Chris is also sponsored by Oakley, Minnesota Inboard, 3D Fin Comp, Viscus Traction, North Coast, Liquid Force, and Phase 5. What’s next for Chris? He hopes to hold on to his title as a World Champion for the fourth time.

Chris will defend his World Champion Title in 2018 in both Japan and Russia.