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Symbiosis: Cycling & Free Beer

Researchers at Oklahoma State recently published results of an exercise motivation study.

Their research concluded that wearing step-counting fitness monitors did not significantly motivate fitness activity in their test subjects.  So that got us thinking.  What would motivate people to exercise more?

Our hypothesis is that free beer would do the trick.

Since we are always interested in advancing scientific discourse, we knew we must put our hypothesis to the test.  To that end, Excelsior Brewing has commissioned a large scale study to test the impact of free beer on cycling activity in the Excelsior area.

We are now soliciting test participants for this important work.  

You are eligible to participate in this study if you are at least 21 years of age and thirsty.  To sign up for the study, simply stop by the taproom and purchase our new 2016 bike jersey.

2016 Excelsior Brewing Bike Jersey

All study participants who don the jersey and bike to our labs/taproom for the rest of the year will be compensated for their participation with one free pint of beer per visit per day.

Please consider helping us with this groundbreaking research.  Jerseys are on sale now for $79 and all proceeds will go to fund additional research this fall, including the first double-blind study of the science behind beer goggles.

Fishing Opener 2016: The Beer Pairings

Minnesota Fishing Opener

The fishing opener is thankfully almost upon us.

This year conveniently scheduled the weekend after Mother’s Day so we can begin our annual walleye harvest free from the guilt associated with leaving an empty spot at the brunch table.

This year as aspiring anglers gather up their Lindy rigs, spinner baits and Swedish pimples, they’d do well to consider more than just what fishing gear to bring.  In 2016 a proper beverage pairing can prove just as crucial to successful a day on the lake.

Luckily we’ve got you covered, the perfect elixir no matter the species of fish you fancy.

The quintessential Minnesota fish.

When seeking a classic, always pair it with a beer that is just as classic. Our flagship XLCR Pale Ale should do the trick delivering a truly balanced bite, just like your average Walter.  Consume an XLCR while on the hunt, then be sure to pair it with your catch for a shore lunch tandem featuring two of the best our state has to offer.

The ultimate trophy fish is said to require 1,000 casts per fish landed– this means you may be out for a while.  Therefore a proper beer pairing must be a session beer, able to help ensure that 1000th cast is just as true as the first. 

We recommend the classic Big Island BlondNow available in cans, this brew is easy and approachable and therefore a good complement to a musky which is neither.  We urge you to cast responsibly however as no one wants to catch an errant double-ten-bladed bucktail in the melon.

Any angler who likes a vicious fight on the end of their line loves hooking into a bass. They may battle and strike like they’re angry, but the ultimate show of respect is when they jump.  Therefore we recommend an angry beer synonymous with taking a leap.

Bridge jumper IPA packs just as big a wallop with 7.5% alcohol by volume.  With a number like that, the savvy sportsman might consider ceding control of the trolling motor.

Northern Pike
The world record Northern Pike was a 55 pounder caught in Germany 30 years ago by local fisherman Lothar Louis.  Since the granddaddy of all lunker pikes hails from Germany, why not seek to best the record while sipping on a German inspired Bitteschlappe Brown Ale.  Oh sure, the tiny hammer handles that you’ll catch will never approach 55 pounds, but then again, your name isn’t Lothar, so what did you expect?

If you are heading out in search of sunnies, we recommend a zebco, a dock and a simple juicebox.

There you have it, perfect beverage accompaniments for a great weekend on the lake.  Remember, they may say that a bad day fishing beats a good day at work, but a great beer trumps them both.

Twins 2016: The Call for Optimism

Baseball and Beer

With temps in the upper 30s and the Twins at 0-6 headed into a home opening series with the White Sox, we are in mortal danger of Debbie Downer claiming the hearts and minds of Twin City baseball fans.

Have no fear, the EBC positivity train is running.

Five Reasons for Optimism heading into Monday’s Home Opener

At least we’re not the Cubs.
There is no curse.  The Twins have a legacy of success and Wally the Beer Man trumps Steve Bartman any day.  Twins 0-6 > Cubs 5-1

Twins currently undefeated at home.
There’s still an outside chance of going 156-6. We’re not great at math, but that seems like at least a wild card.

Honus Wagner couldn’t make this roster.
Twins shortstops are currently hitting at a .428 clip. Even if you re-animated Mr. Wagner in his prime, he’d have been cut in training camp.

Joe Mauer’s salary remains flat.
That’s right, there was no cost of living increase for your 1% first baseman.  This not only clears room on the team books, it also means you will only make $22 million and change less than him this year– and the gap is closing!

The Metrodome is now rotting in a landfill.
Do you really miss narrow concourses, the right field baggie and tasteless dome dogs?  The memories are great, but we’d argue it was a mercy killing.  Target Field still rules.

Still not sold enough to sit out in the cold on Monday?

How about curling up on the couch with a Dockbox sampler instead.  Our four flagship, packaged together and ready for action. That’s 12 beers embracing diversity, sitting in the bullpen awaiting your call.

While the local nine can sometimes be fickle, the local 12 never are.

Super Bowl Brew Ideas


As the NFL season comes to an end with the league’s top teams squaring off, we at Excelsior Brewing would like to assist you in your beer purchasing decisions for this Sunday. Check out your beer options and see how it stacks up with the talent on the field:

Big Island Blond (22 oz. bottles and Growlers): Hailing from Lake Minnetonka, this biscuity beast packs a flavor punch with a light body. Player Equivalent: Matt Prater

matt praterXLCR Pale Ale (22 oz. bottles and Growlers): Balanced as they come, XLCR does it all. Like a dual threat QB, our pale hits on two fronts (malt and hops). Super Bowl Equivalent: Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson


Bitteschlappe Brown Ale (22 oz. bottles and Growlers) : Big up front, smooth on the back end. Bitteschlappe has become known as much for its name as its exceptional attributes. Super Bowl Equivalent: Richard Sherman

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Seattle SeahawksOar Lock Oat Stout (750 ml bottles only): Oar Lock brings it all. Bold flavor & depth, encompassing what a great stout is about. Known to be consumed faster than you can say “Omaha”. Super Bowl Equivalent: Peyton Manning



Bud Light (available in far too many packages): Weak, obnoxiously bubbly and lacking substance. An annoying distraction at best, this beer brings nothing worthwhile. Super Bowl Equivalent: Annoying Drunk Fan




New Year, New Beer – Excelsior Brewing Co.


2013 EBC 0002


When was the last time you created a New Year’s resolution that you actually got to enjoy, a resolution that was actually worth keeping? Here at the Excelsior Brewing Co. we challenge you to try a new beer this year! We now have 6 taps displayed at our brewery that are nothing less than perfection. Expand your taste buds and beer horizons with our XLCR Pale Ale, Bridge Jumper IPA, Big Island Blond Ale, Bitteschlappe Brown Ale, Shattered Solstice Ale and Mr. Jimmy Ruby Brown Ale. Not only will you enjoy our beer, you will be able to brag to your friends that you have successfully fulfilled a New Year’s Resolution. Also, prepare yourself for the Oar Lock Oat Stout, our newest winter seasonal. The beer contains the perfect blend of roasted barley, black malt, and oats adding an impeccable texture of creaminess that’s sure to light a fire in your belly with distinctive flavor, balance, and class. So lace up your boots and brush the snow off your car because you should kick off this New Year the right way, with an Excelsior brew in hand.