Catching Up – August 13th at Excelsior Brewing

It seems we’re always doing this to ourselves. We come into work Monday, proceed to blink, and it’s already Saturday evening. With summer in full swing, it’s hard to keep up with everything going so let’s recap some of the things that have been happening with us the past few weeks:

Brew Love: Supporting the Ronald McDonald House, this fundraiser is one of the most entertaining around due to it’s focus on drinking beer for a good cause! Not that we need an excuse to sample great local beers, but this just adds a nice element of helping out a premier non-profit that really does good within our community. We look forward to doing some more fundraising with these folks in the near future.

Brew at the Zoo: Yet another worthy cause, this beerfest did a phenomenal job raising money for one of our state’s main attractions, the Minnesota Zoo, and exposing a sold-out crowd to amazing craft beers. On top of that, we totally got to check out the new bear exhibit…so you know, we’ve got that going for us.

Excelsior Brewing Co. 1st Beerthday Party: Holy cow. That was a party. We had all of our regulars and a whole crop of new faces celebrating our one year anniversary and couldn’t be more humbled by the turnout. That party had everything: dunk tanks, live music from phenomenal local artists and our Head Brewer Bob DuVernois in a crash test dummy morph suit. THANK YOU to everyone who came out to celebrate with us, and thanks to Yamamoto for helping make our first Beerthday party something to remember.


Minnesota State Fair: We will be on tap at the Ballpark Cafe with our Bitteschlappe Brown Ale and in the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild tent with various beers for their MN beer flights. Last year was a stellar success in promoting Minnesota beer, we can only imagine this year will be even better. The space is expanded greatly and will give our Minnesota brewers a chance to showcase more of their personality (including a beer related art exhibit that is sure to be intriguing to say the least). Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter to find out when we’re heading to the fair and come join us for a beer or two!

Border Battle Beer Fest: We, at the brewery, live by the mantra “Better dead than Red”. Everyone knows a Badger can’t hold a handle to a Gopher and this is our chance to show it. Minnesota breweries will face off against some of Wisconsin’s finest in a quest for border dominance! Our locals will have the luxury of signing up for a bus ride to and from the festival, held in Somerset WI, to represent their state with pride (and drinking). Tickets can be purchased here, make sure to get yours and help us kick some ‘Sconnie ass!

Autumn Brew Review: Assuming you were one of the lucky folks to get a ticket for this sought after event taking place at the original Grain Belt Brewery, you’ll have a chance to sample some VERY special beers we plan on busting out for this MN Brewer’s Guild event. Debuting some new seasonals and twists on some old favorites, make sure to swing by our booth and enjoy some deliciousness that you won’t get anywhere else.

As always, stay tuned for more updates on beers and announcements on upcoming beers (hint: special release for our upcoming Oktoberfest celebration on Oct. 11/12).



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