Brews, Walter and a Fireside Chat

Brews, Walter and a Fireside Chat

Corporate retreats typically involve C-suite executives jetting off to luxury hotels to squander shareholder money on lavish vacations under the guise of discussing strategy. These involve plenty of consultants, P & L statements, expense accounts and probably a little adultery.

At EBC none of that is our style. Our focus is elsewhere, primarily on brewing superior beer and secondarily on slaying walleye.  So it is appropriate that two of our owners and a few close advisors recently set out for a different kind of corporate retreat.  This one held in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area where minimalist camping met malt beverage and some solid fishing.

It was a chance to put the day-to-day tactics of running a brewery aside and focus a little more on enjoying God’s creation and focusing on the why behind this business.

Sitting around a campfire our two owners along with a few good buds came up with the following founding principles– not only where we stand, but who we are.

Excelsior Brewing Founding Principles

  • At Excelsior Brewing we believe a life well-lived is lived outdoors
  • We believe that genuine people and majestic natural resources make Minnesota a superior place to live
  • We believe in slowing down, taking the scenic route and catching your own dinner
  • We believe warm sun, a cold beer and a live bite nurture your soul
  • We believe we have a responsibility to leave a legacy to the next generation
  • We believe that what you drink matters, so you should make it great

A little hokey perhaps, but knowing why you are in business gives you clarity to tackle the everyday tasks while still retaining your focus.  For us, the retreat served as a good reminder that it’s not all taproom parties and shenanigans, though there are plenty of those too.

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Cool things to follow…

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