Brewing Up Some Mr. Jimmy’s!

DSC00217You see that? That’s a beautiful sight. That’s the sight of this year’s Mr. Jimmy’s boiling in our brew house. You may remember last year we made a Baltic Porter conditioned on Cherry Wood, winning a Gold Medal in the World Beer Championships in the process. Well, this year is going to be a little different (in an awesome way).

“But, Excelsior Brewing,” you may say, “why would you change a Gold Medal winning beer that we thoroughly enjoyed last year? Have you had one too many Bitteschlappes?”

Nay, we haven’t lost our minds. 99% of the beers we make are brewed using ALE yeast. This yeast strain ferments at warmer temperatures and takes around 16 days from start to finish. For those unaware, last year’s Jimmy beer was a LAGER. Lagers are made using cold fermenting yeast, taking significantly longer for the yeast to do its work, but ultimately leaving a very clean finish to the beer. Our two lagers that we’ve made (Jimmy’s and last year’s Oktoberfest Marzen) were done when we had more time and tank space to work with. This year we don’t have the same luxuries, and thus, are forced to make an ale.

The 2013 version will be an imperial version of our Black Ale, Nunnmorblak, with the addition of Cherry puree and Belgian Candy Sugar to bring our ABV up a bit. This beer will be perfect for your cold Minnesota winter days when you need a beer with some beef to it. We expect it to be ready around Thanksgiving, making it the perfect beer to drink while sitting next to that Uncle who cannot wait to tell you about the latest addition to his vintage cereal bowl collection.

For those unaware of Mr. Jimmy, or his connection to our town, click here¬†and you’ll understand why we plan on including some form of Cherry in every version of Mr. Jimmy’s we do. As we did last year, a portion of our proceeds from sales of the beer will go to our local ICA Foodshelf to assist in their efforts in lending a helping hand to those who need it in our area.

Stay tuned for the official release date, cheers!