Barrel Aged Scofflaw RIS Release Party!

Exelcior Scofflaw

Winter’s not over yet!

On Thursday March 10th we will be tapping our Russian Imperial Stout, Scofflaw, aged 10 months in Wild Turkey barrels, at Mac’s Industrial in Minneapolis. In addition to Scofflaw, we will also be featuring a second beer of the night. This is our inaugural BA stout release and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

Barrel Aged Scofflaw: 11.6% 77 IBUs

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Cribbage Tournaments

Taproom Cribbage Tournaments begin Sunday, March 20th.

Join us for some friendly fun competition, live bluegrass and delicious brews!

Arrive by 1:oopm to sign up and matches will start at 2pm. Single elimination brackets will be provided by the bar staff. We know everyone has a bit of their own way of playing cribbage but this is not your college dorm room so house rules win! Remember, this is fun and basically a reason to share a pint and meet some great people. As always we will provide some sweet prizes that include pints, growlers, and EBC merchandise!

Questions? Email

  • Sign Up between 1pm and 130pm on Sunday afternoon;s
  • Single elimination tourney starts at 2pm
  • Names will be randomly drawn to fill in bracket
  • EBC will provide cards and cribbage boards
  • 1st place receives $25 gift card, t-shirt, and growler
  • 2nd place receives growler & free pint card
  • Rules will be posted on white board along with bracket to be filled in after each match by winner

Come for the Kites, Stay for the Fatties



Fourth Annual Fat Fever -February 20th


Each weekend Lake Minnetonka serves as the venue for countless outdoor fitness pursuits.  Fat-tire cyclists, kite-surfers and others coexist en route to enjoying the 22-mile expanse of God’s great gift to the twin cities.

These disparate groups meet, race and ride in autonomy, rarely interacting.

All of that will change on Saturday February 20th.  Fueled by a weather-related reschedule, Excelsior Bay (and later our taproom) will see worlds collide as kite surfers and cyclists come together in the name of fitness, diversity and a shared love of malt beverage.

The events begin at 11am with the EBC Kite Open, followed by the Fourth Annual Arctic Fat Fever Race at 2pm.  Race participants and well-wishers are invited to converge upon the taproom afterward for awards, fellowship and libations.

What some are calling a unity summit for the ages others are simply calling an excuse to tip a pint at noon.  Regardless of your take, we invite you choose your craft, sign up and enjoy.  Whether you prefer to go fly a kite or straddle a fatty, we’ll be here for awards and refreshments after.

So bring us your tired, your poorly insulated, your shivering masses yearning to be refreshed.  Minnesota’s great melting pot awaits–complete with bands, beer and brotherhood.


Race Registration & Start Times

11 am Kite Open   (bib pickup and check-in at 8am at EBC)

2 pm  Arctic Fat Fever  (bib pickup at 11am, demos 12-4pm)


Menage à cuatro: Dockbox Sampler– next in a long line of famous fours


Aristotle once said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

The idea was that if you combine already great things, you can take it to the next level.  A scant 2300 years after his death, Excelsior Brewing is proud to prove his theory correct with the release of the Dockbox.  Our four signature brews– XLCR, Bitteschlappe, Bridge Jumper and Big Island Blond combined in one twelve-pack box to offer beer drinkers variety and a rare chance to corroborate a Greek philosopher by drinking beer.

Why four?  Because great things generally come in fours. 

The A-Team

No one likes injustice.  So when a crack commando unit of four was sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit, it rubbed all Americans wrong.  The foursome promptly escaped and became fugitive mercenaries in the Los Angeles underground using hand grenades and machine guns to blast lemons into lemonade.  It was vigilante justice served up with automatic weapons on the streets of LA from a shockingly conspicuous van.  Something today we’d call terrorist threat level 1 billion and end with a series of drone strikes, in 1982 it was simply called justice.

Spinal Tap

In life, it’s hard to get to a perfect 10.  It took four visionaries to raise the stakes even higher.  David St. Hubbins, Derek Smalls, Nigel Tufnel and Viv Savage attained 11 through hard work and perseverance.  Despite repeated setbacks including drummers combusting on stage and meddling girlfriends, the iconic band eventually rose to #5 on the Japanese charts with their seminal hit Sex Farm.  This set the stage for a Smell the Glove tour for the ages, and cemented the power of four.

Is the dockbox as powerful as BA Baracus?   Can dockbox prevent spontaneous human combustion?   The lawyers won’t let us say for sure, but with a taste spectrum spanning four of our best, at this point we can’t rule either possibility out.



10255358_935293916495523_6970370050349231158_nJoin us on Saturday, January 30th, 2016 

Big Island and Back Ski Race


The Excelsior Brewing Co. is excited to announce the 4th Annual “Big Island and Back”, a 10k Nordic Ski Race on Saturday, January 30th. Proceeds from the race entry fees will be donated to the ICA Food Shelf program and the Freshwater Society. The start line as at the dock area in Excelsior Bay. Come early and have lunch in Excelsior. Stay after for drinks and dinner.

This year’s race will be capped at 400 registrations, with plans to grow the event each year. Our goal is to get skiers of all ages out on Minnetonka for a great community winter event. The ski course will be groomed and tracked for both Classic and Skate skiers.  The Kite Race course will be determined on race day.

The ICA Food Shelf and Freshwater Society will be helping to provide volunteers, and interested community members from Excelsior and Lake Minnetonka who would like to volunteer can find more information on the Big Island and Back website and Facebook page.



More details – HERE

11am – Registration & Bib Pick Up @ Excelsior Brewing Company taproom

1pm – Race Starts on Excelsior Bay

Awards and Party at Brewery aftewrwards

4pm Awards & Music by Wondercure

7p-9p Minnesota Orchestra – Symphony & Suds

A Night out with the MVG (Most Valuable Ginger)

Print Redhead man looking up


A Night out with the MVG (Most Valuable Ginger)

How will you spend the longest night of the year?

Winter solstice hits December 22nd and we think 16 hours of darkness could lead to some interesting revelry.  While there is no question about your libation of choice (Shattered Solstice now available in bombers and the taproom).  Deciding who will accompany you can be just as important.

Our light-bodied, ginger-infused amber is too good not to share, but with whom?

We suggest you go with the theme, find a redhead and ginger-infuse your entire night.  To help you along, we’ve created a list of the top five ginger’s that would make your night memorable…

Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump
We didn’t say you had to vote for him, but draining a few Shattered Solstice bottles with this guy would at the very least be entertaining.  Make sure to chill his gold chalice before you pour and let the unintentional comedy begin.  Odds are he may even pick up the tab at the end of a night bar-hopping in his chopper.

Ultimate Wingman Ron Weasley
Who better to scare up trouble than Harry Potter’s lead bro?  The guy has a nose for adventure and ultimately ended up with Hermione, so you know he’s got game.

Washed-up Rocker turned Mom Ginger Spice
Who?  Yeah we know, but she really fits our theme so we’re including her even though as a conversationalist her acumen remains unproven.  At the very least she’s not bad to look at and you may get the dirt on Posh.

Gold Medal Snowboard Beast Shaun White
There’s no doubt the Flying Tomato has stories to tell and is no stranger to a cold beer.  He may even let you wear one of his two Olympic gold medals out– those can’t hurt as conversation starters in the taproom.

Hemp-infused Legend Willie Nelson
A fun dude to hang with, though you’d have to be sure not to go totally Chris Farley on him.  “Remember that time you got drunk in jail and were banned from ever returning to the Bahamas? … That was awesome.”


So who did we miss?  Ron Howard?  Conan O’Brien?  Who would you most like to share your Shattered Solstice with, and more importantly what would you do?   Tweet us at #excelsiorbrew

It’s the Most Wonderful Time… for a Beer

It’s the Most Wonderful Time… for a Beer

The holidays are all about families, so who decided we should squander our tryptophan buzz getting trampled at a local Wal-Mart?

Reject the commercialism of Black Friday and instead join us in Excelsior as we kick off advent in style with the traditional German festival known as Christkindlsmarkt.

Running Friday through Sunday Thanksgiving weekend, the all-ages festival offers Christmas crafts for the kids, music, traditional German food, a beer garden and much more.

Even St Nick himself is scheduled to make an appearance and he’s bringing live reindeer and a sleigh to add to the holiday revelry.

The fire pits will be lit, the brews will be flowing and the air filled with music.

Scheduled bands:

Friday:  6-8pm David Leduc,  9-11pm Chris Kelly Band.

Saturday:  2-5pm Alpensterne for your German needs.  Soon after, we turn it up w/ Alive (Pearl Jam) from 6-8pm, then Subliminal (Sublime) 9-11pm.

The fun begins at 10 am  on Friday and runs throughout the weekend so grab the kids and head over for a pretzel, a pint and some holiday fellowship.   It is truly a tradition like no other.

Christkindlsmarkt: light on vowels, but heavy on family fun.











Excelsior Brewing Company once again has partnered w/ Eriks Bike and Boards  to bring you

The 4th Annual Arctic Fat Tire Bike Race

Saturday 2/20/16.    

11am Registration at the Excelsior Brewing Company (421 Third Street, Excelsior, MN).

Race Cost:  $5.00

What you get?    Unreliable race conditions around and on Big Island, A free pint glass and bragging rights. 

Registration:  11am (At the brewery)

Demos: 12-4pm (on the lake)

Race Starts at 2pm (on the lake)

Register Here:  Excelsior’s Arctic Fat Tire Bike Race

Register Here: Excelsior’s Kite Open

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Historic Excelsior Personified- Mr. Jimmy

PrintHistoric Excelsior Personified- Mr. Jimmy


What makes Excelsior a superior place to live is her people. Despite being nestled in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area, the culture of small town values and the traditions of this community have persevered.

This is apparent from Excelsior’s main street to her town festivals to the continuing tradition of Excelsior Elementary School’s annual Halloween parade.  History is important here, as are the values that built this town. It makes Excelsior a truly unique place to live and work.

Perhaps no one personified this attitude quite as much as Jimmy Hutmaker. The late great city ambassador, he knew every local by name and was a fixture on and around Water Street for decades. Always up for a chat, the cigar-chomping legend even claimed his place in the rock history books by inspiring a young Mick Jagger— such was his way with people.

Jimmy epitomized life in a small town where residents take time to get to know each other and take care of their own. As both the recipient and the benefactor of this fine tradition he taught us that you can’t always get what you want, but as part of a community, you really do get what you need.

This is why we each year we brew a tribute beer to Mr Jimmy. Not only for what he did, but for what he embodied.   With each award-winning brew, he finally gets his cherry, and we all get to celebrate his legacy. Not only a win-win proposition, but a fine new tradition for a city that already has so many.

  • Now available in the taproom Mr. Jimmy’s Baltic Porter, our 2015 tribute beer to Jimmy Hutmaker.
    • Made w/ Licorice root and aged on cherry wood, this classic, true to style, Baltic porter will make you realize you got what you wanted!

More info: