Black Friday Gift: XL Brew Club Membership

You spend enough time in the taproom already, let’s make this union official.  The 2019 XL Brew Club is accepting new members beginning on Black Friday.  It is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Black Friday can be a grind.

Your only options are to stay locked in your house to endure more family drama, or set your alarm for the buttcrack of dawn and get trampled at a Walmart as you scrum for a $100 flat screen.  Thankfully this year can be different.

Head on down to the brewery to pick up an XL Brew Mug Club membership for 2019.  It’s the best gift of the year.

While it may be limited edition, we promise no jujitsu is required to secure it.  Moreover every purchase comes with a cool hat for yourself, a cold beer and a legit excuse to leave your brother-in-law at home.

It’s the triple threat of the holiday season.

Membership Details

For only one Ben Franklin ($100) you can become an EBC VIP and start your year off right with features like:

  • A free pint with purchase
  • A stylish mug—what’s a king without his chalice?
  • 20 oz beers for the price of a 16 oz for all of 2019—that means 10 beers for the price of eight (that’s one helluva Tuesday night)
  • An exclusive Mug Club Cap—a slick subtle design for members only
  • Membership card— time to class up that velcro wallet
  • $2 Growlers (except Tuesdays)—so you can take the party off site occasionally
  • 10% off regular merchandise—buy a civilian cap so you can rotate those lids
  • A certificate for your wall—suitable for framing, it’ll look great next to that Heather Locklear poster
  • Stickers for your bike of fridge—give the kids something beer-themed to play with
  • Exclusive Mug Club Events 4x per year*- social media brag opportunities galore
  • Exclusive Mug Club Beers**- limited edition elixirs from Niles’ secret stash (the beer one anyway)
  • VIP Access to Tent Parties when applicable—Cut the line like 1%er, leaving the commoners in your wake

We are offering only 200 Mug Club Memberships for 2019, so come on down Friday once the leftovers are cold and you grow weary of Aunt Edna’s political rants.

You just might run into a dozen of your old high school friends– who will no doubt lament what a townie you’ve become…albeit a townie with a sweet hat.

Photo taken with Focos Mug Club Hat Final

 *Quarterly XL Brew Club events feature guest speakers, musicians, games, complimentary snacks & often the release of a new beer.  Each event will be a mystery and event details only to be revealed at arrival.

**Occasionally we will release beers early to members only during regular taproom hours.  Only members can get the beer on that day.

2019 Memberships on sale Black Friday

2019 Memberships on sale Black Friday