Bass Fishing Tourney 7/22/2017

The Hunt for BASSquatch: Tourney July 22nd

Bass Tourney July 22nd 2017

Registration is now open for The first annual DH Custom & Excelsior Brewing Lake Minnetonka Bass Tournament to be held Saturday, July 22nd.

Why a bass fishing tourney you ask? Because none of the other species of fish stack up.

• Sunnies are essentially the light beer of the lake. They are easy to find and you can hammer as many in a sitting as you like. They are less than exciting and only satisfying for the naïve.

• Walleye are more like fine wine. They taste great, but typically are only out when the sun goes down and before sunup. Both are beloved by connoisseurs and pacifists alike because they have no real fight in them.

• Perch are like an umbrella drink. Sure, they look exotic, but you wouldn’t consume one if you had an alternative. No one sets out in pursuit of either, it just sometimes happens.

• Musky remind us of 12-year-old scotch. Tough to get your hands on, only good when aged. They are a one-off we aspire to for a special occasion.

That leaves bass. What makes bass so special? Because they are exactly like our customers.

• Have large mouths

• Are territorial

• Fight when provoked

• Eat even when not hungry

• Hang out in groups by docks

Face it, if bass had legs they’d be in our taproom BS-ing about the Vikings. Clearly they are the only species of fish worthy of the EBC name.

So find a few buddies, grab your crankbait and get in the game. Registration for the Bass Tournament is now open, spots are $300 per boat and going fast.