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Ales for ALS at Excelsior Brewing

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Excelsior Brewing is proud to be a part of Ales for ALS

A lot of people are familiar with ALS (commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) but are unfamiliar with what really happens to those afflicted. ALS stands for “amyotrophic lateral sclerosis” and refers to a progressive neurodegenerative disease affecting nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. This will eventually lead to those with the… Read more »

Celebrating One Year in Beer – Excelsior Brewing

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Dear Drinkers: It seems like yesterday I was writing to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who came out to support Excelsior Brewing in our opening week. I distinctly remember sitting on my couch starting to draft a blog post on Sunday morning, drinking coffee and wondering ‘what the hell just happened?’ Well, I can safely… Read more »

Chef DuVernois on Twin Cities Live

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In case you missed out on the chance to see our head brewer Bob DuVernois on Twin Cities Live last week, here’s the link to his gorgeous mug on TV. Bob was invited to challenge Antigoni Sander McCloud (co-owner of Kafe 421) to devise a recipe using our Bitteschlappe Brown Ale. Based on Bob’s reaction,… Read more »

BREAKING NEWS: Hops are good for you!

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In case you didn’t know (which we certainly did), hops are actually beneficial to your health! Check out this product known as Hops X Factor: Cell Protector which was forwarded by a local nutrition aficionado: Go figure, a chemical compound found in hops “has been the subject of over 75 research papers due to its… Read more »

Shagagogo Recap and Upcoming Shenanigans – Excelsior Brewing

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Guessing by the turnout last Saturday, you were either AT the Excelsior Brewing Memorial Day Shagagogo Bash or you missed out on a freakishly good time. For those that weren’t there, let me recap: – Worked our way musically from Bluegrass (Steve Howard and Phil Nusbaum) to eclectic covers (Chris Kelly) to full out rock… Read more »

Happy American/MN Craft Beer Week!

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Happy American/MN Craft Beer Week! Basically, the greatest week all year, this gives everyone a chance to celebrate our local (and national) beer community. Know somebody who always wanted to start drinking craft, but didn’t know where to start? Take this opportunity to show them some of your favorite local breweries! Want to drink some… Read more »

30 Shades of (Bitteschlappe) Brown

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Welcome to 30 Shades of Brown, where we will be featuring all things Brown-related at the brewery. If you don’t already know, our Bitteschlappe Brown Ale (one of three flagship brews) has taken off over the past few months. With a hefty amount of Vienna malt, you get a delicious blast of sweet caramel and… Read more »

Bridge Jumper is BACK

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Bridge Jumper is back!

When we opened our doors 9.5 months ago, we were greeted with a beautiful accident that came to be known as Bridge Jumper. The result of an uber-efficient brewhouse and a craft veteran Head Brewer, this behemoth didn’t just knock the doors off our opening, it blasted those suckers into kingdom come! Our locals have… Read more »

Craft Brewer’s Conference Recap

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Heading into the Craft Brewer’s Conference last week, we intended on blogging everyday about what was happening, what we were discussing and which of the thousands of available beers we were consuming. However, as can happen in life, we became distracted by our surroundings and missed out on keeping folks up to date. Having the… Read more »

Luck o’ the Lake Recap

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By now, everyone has (hopefully) recovered from the past weekend and the festivities that come along with St. Patrick’s Day. In case you weren’t at the brewery, let me quickly recap what you missed out on: – Over 500 folks took off from the brewery on the Luck o’ the Lake 5k run. The winner… Read more »