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Excelsior Expansion Update – Jan. 29th

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    EXCELSIOR EXPANSION UPDATE – January 29th Holy cow…those walls came down fast. For those unaware, we began knocking down walls in our building 8 days ago. The adjacent space quickly went from two separate entities (one an auto shop, another a storefront) into one massive/awesome space. After stripping away the stucco, insulation and… Read more »

Excelsior Brewing Expansion Update!

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EXCELSIOR BREWING EXPANSION UPDATE: A little over a month ago, we announced we were expanding. You know the basics…tripling square footage, more than quadrupling capacity, beginning to send out 12 oz. bottles. Now that 2014 is underway, we’re a little more clear about the timeline and wanted to answer some frequently asked questions for your… Read more »

New Year, New Beer – Excelsior Brewing Co.

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2013 EBC 0002

    When was the last time you created a New Year’s resolution that you actually got to enjoy, a resolution that was actually worth keeping? Here at the Excelsior Brewing Co. we challenge you to try a new beer this year! We now have 6 taps displayed at our brewery that are nothing less… Read more »

Craft Beer Gifts for Festi-Chris-Kwanz-Hannu-day!

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It’s that lovely time of year where Mariah Carey becomes relevant again as the Holiday music takes over our ear drums. Maybe you’re starting the mad dash to get some delectable gifts for you favorite people. Or maybe you need a beer to get over the mad dash of getting gifts. Either way, we’ve got… Read more »

Thanksgiving Recipes…With Beer!

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Everyone knows how a typical Thanksgiving menu is put together: Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, etc. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that (we, at EBC, are a HUGE proponent of the classic Thanksgiving menu) we wanted to give you some special twists you can throw into your family get-together that really sets the meal apart…. Read more »

Excelsior Brewing Expansion!

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The day we’ve been waiting for is here…it’s time for the Excelsior Brewing Expansion to kick off! 2,700 sq. feet wasn’t enough to contain all the awesomeness coming from our  brewery so we FINALLY pulled the trigger and have begun expanding our brewery. Expansion will include the addition of seven 40 bbl fermenters, two 40… Read more »

Brewing Up Some Mr. Jimmy’s!

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You see that? That’s a beautiful sight. That’s the sight of this year’s Mr. Jimmy’s boiling in our brew house. You may remember last year we made a Baltic Porter conditioned on Cherry Wood, winning a Gold Medal in the World Beer Championships in the process. Well, this year is going to be a little… Read more »

The Return of Oktoberfest!

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Join us for our second annual Oktoberfest at Excelsior Brewing Company! We’ve made this into a two-day Bavarian Bash to make sure everyone gets a chance to grab a beverage in our outdoor Biergarden, featuring live music and the chance to drink over 12 different beers! Oct. 11th: 4-10; Oct. 12th: 12-11 MUSIC SCHEDULE: Friday:… Read more »

MN Beer on a Stick – EBC at the State Fair

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Jeff Troldahl's State Fair inspired art work.

It’s soooo hot outside…. “How hot is it?” you may ask? Hot enough where the $1 “All-you-can-drink-milk” at the State Fair is a bad choice (for those that missed the reference, click here) Sure, the heat was devastatingly and disgustingly overwhelming enough to reduce even the manliest of men to a mere husk of their… Read more »

Catching Up – August 13th at Excelsior Brewing

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It seems we’re always doing this to ourselves. We come into work Monday, proceed to blink, and it’s already Saturday evening. With summer in full swing, it’s hard to keep up with everything going so let’s recap some of the things that have been happening with us the past few weeks: Brew Love: Supporting the… Read more »