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Oktoberfest 10/10 & 10/11!

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EXCELSIOR OKTOBERFEST 2014 MISS NÖMERS RETURNS FOR ANOTHER ROUND It’s that time of year again—when the world’s biggest beer celebration comes to the hallowed halls of the Excelsior Brewing Company taproom. Excelsior Oktoberfest is back in 2014, and we plan to throw a party to top last year’s record-breaking bonanza. Alongside new beers, new bands,… Read more »


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IT’S FINALLY TAPPENING Our bigger, better, brewery-er taproom is completed and 100% ready for you to drink beer in! Most of you have been following the progress these last few months, but for those who haven’t, this expansion means big things for Excelsior Brewing Company. Now: -We can brew more beer. -We can brew more… Read more »

Expansion Update: Walls going up, Walls coming down!

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EXPANSION UPDATE: It’s only been 5 weeks, but things are looking a WHOLE lot different on the other side of our brewery wall. The walls separating the two adjacent spaces is officially gone and some new walls are going up! We have finished our plumbing installation, framed/sheet rocked the bathrooms and are beginning the process… Read more »

Super Bowl Brew Ideas

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Peyton Freakin Manning

As the NFL season comes to an end with the league’s top teams squaring off, we at Excelsior Brewing would like to assist you in your beer purchasing decisions for this Sunday. Check out your beer options and see how it stacks up with the talent on the field: Big Island Blond (22 oz. bottles… Read more »

Excelsior Expansion Update – Jan. 29th

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    EXCELSIOR EXPANSION UPDATE – January 29th Holy cow…those walls came down fast. For those unaware, we began knocking down walls in our building 8 days ago. The adjacent space quickly went from two separate entities (one an auto shop, another a storefront) into one massive/awesome space. After stripping away the stucco, insulation and… Read more »

Excelsior Brewing Expansion Update!

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EXCELSIOR BREWING EXPANSION UPDATE: A little over a month ago, we announced we were expanding. You know the basics…tripling square footage, more than quadrupling capacity, beginning to send out 12 oz. bottles. Now that 2014 is underway, we’re a little more clear about the timeline and wanted to answer some frequently asked questions for your… Read more »

New Year, New Beer – Excelsior Brewing Co.

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2013 EBC 0002

    When was the last time you created a New Year’s resolution that you actually got to enjoy, a resolution that was actually worth keeping? Here at the Excelsior Brewing Co. we challenge you to try a new beer this year! We now have 6 taps displayed at our brewery that are nothing less… Read more »

Craft Beer Gifts for Festi-Chris-Kwanz-Hannu-day!

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It’s that lovely time of year where Mariah Carey becomes relevant again as the Holiday music takes over our ear drums. Maybe you’re starting the mad dash to get some delectable gifts for you favorite people. Or maybe you need a beer to get over the mad dash of getting gifts. Either way, we’ve got… Read more »

Thanksgiving Recipes…With Beer!

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Everyone knows how a typical Thanksgiving menu is put together: Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, etc. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that (we, at EBC, are a HUGE proponent of the classic Thanksgiving menu) we wanted to give you some special twists you can throw into your family get-together that really sets the meal apart…. Read more »

Excelsior Brewing Expansion!

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The day we’ve been waiting for is here…it’s time for the Excelsior Brewing Expansion to kick off! 2,700 sq. feet wasn’t enough to contain all the awesomeness coming from our  brewery so we FINALLY pulled the trigger and have begun expanding our brewery. Expansion will include the addition of seven 40 bbl fermenters, two 40… Read more »