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Apple Day Beer – Grandma Millie Approved

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An old Welsh proverb says that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but 103-year-old Mildred “Millie” Bowers has other ideas. Bowers, who survived the depression and has outlived two husbands, has a unique take on her advanced age. The centenarian credits her love of beer as a major factor in her longevity, even… Read more »

The State Fair & those Delicious Invasive Species

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Candied bacon donut sliders, macaroni and cheese curds and the Cracker Jack Caramel sundae are just a few of the new gut bombs featured at this year’s Minnesota State Fair (August 25- Labor Day). These dishes join the usual food favorites– namely anything in the world that can be deep fat fried, skewered on a… Read more »

Excelsior Brewing Now More Open

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Due to overwhelming feedback from local beer enthusiasts, our taproom hours have been expanded.  Effective immediately, we’ll now open at 2pm on Tuesdays and noon on Friday. The earlier open times give visitors a chance to enjoy our brews during Excelsior’s Farmers Market on Tuesday as well as get an early leg up on the weekend each Friday! In… Read more »

Pokemon GO, Kettle Sours & Nerd Evolution

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Kettle Sours

In the past week or so, one of two things has happened.  Depending on your perspective either… A cool new game is bending the lines between the virtual and real-life world, simultaneously reuniting people with a nostalgic pastime from their childhood Or It is the nerd apocalypse. Regardless of your perspective, you’ll agree that Pokemon… Read more »

Symbiosis: Cycling & Free Beer

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Researchers at Oklahoma State recently published results of an exercise motivation study. Their research concluded that wearing step-counting fitness monitors did not significantly motivate fitness activity in their test subjects.  So that got us thinking.  What would motivate people to exercise more? Our hypothesis is that free beer would do the trick. Since we are… Read more »

Fishing Opener 2016: The Beer Pairings

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The fishing opener is thankfully almost upon us. This year conveniently scheduled the weekend after Mother’s Day so we can begin our annual walleye harvest free from the guilt associated with leaving an empty spot at the brunch table. This year as aspiring anglers gather up their Lindy rigs, spinner baits and Swedish pimples, they’d… Read more »

Big Island Blond- Now Available in Cans

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Beginning this week, Big Island Blond will be available in aluminum cans at your favorite liquor store.  Though the change may seem subtle enough, we assure you the benefits are too numerous to mention… OK we’ll give you five. The Top Five Benefits to new Big Island Blond cans 5. Your recycling bin just got… Read more »

Twins 2016: The Call for Optimism

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With temps in the upper 30s and the Twins at 0-6 headed into a home opening series with the White Sox, we are in mortal danger of Debbie Downer claiming the hearts and minds of Twin City baseball fans. Have no fear, the EBC positivity train is running. Five Reasons for Optimism heading into Monday’s… Read more »

Come for the Kites, Stay for the Fatties

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      Each weekend Lake Minnetonka serves as the venue for countless outdoor fitness pursuits.  Fat-tire cyclists, kite-surfers and others coexist en route to enjoying the 22-mile expanse of God’s great gift to the twin cities. These disparate groups meet, race and ride in autonomy, rarely interacting. All of that will change on Saturday… Read more »