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Since 2012, we have made well over a hundred beers either on our pilot system, or on our 20bbl system.   Some are current, some may comeback and some are gone for good.

We hope you loved them as much as we did!  Happy drinking!


Brand Name
Ahtanum Bomb Ale
Alt Bier Ale
Amber Jack
Apricot Sour
Autobahn Rye
Ballot Box Red Ale
Belgian Quad Ale
Big Island Blond Ale
Big Island Blond on Chipotle Peppers
Big Raft Graff
Bitteschlappe Brown Ale
Bitteschlappe Firkin
Bitteschlappe on Chocolate
Bitteschlappe on Raspberries & Chocolate
Bitteschlappe w/ Banana & Chocolate
Boaty Ale
Bourbon Bitteschlappe Ale
Bridge Diver IPA
Bridge Jumper IPA
Cascade Red Session Pale Ale
Chai Kolsch
Chinook APA
Citrus Sangre IPA
Columbus Brown Ale
Cougar Kolsch
Digby Maple Bacon Ale
Double Up Black IPA
EBC Peanut Butter Ale
Excelsior 1 Hun
Excelsior Belgian Table Beer
Excelsior Blood Orange Sour
Excelsior Brewing
Excelsior Brewing
Excelsior Brewing
Excelsior Brewing Callahan’s Half Irish Red Ale
Excelsior Brewing Double Up IPA
Excelsior Brewing Northern Energy
Excelsior Brewing Par 70
Excelsior Brewing Row Bust Porter
Excelsior Brewing Saucy Kate
Excelsior Brewing Water Street Wheat Wine Ale
Excelsior Citra Tart
Excelsior Crimson Clover
Excelsior Cross Check
Excelsior Ginger Peach Sour
Excelsior Hattie Mae
Excelsior Primo Red IPA
Excelsior Special Bitter
Excelsior Union 32 IPA
Excelsior Union 32 Kolsch
Excelsior Until the Bitter End
Excelsior Upper Crust Koslch
Excelsior West Side Barley Wine
Excelsior Wild Hearts
Framblond Ale
Giggles Maple Bacon Brown Ale
Golden Ale Experiment #1
Golden Ale Experiment #2
Gratitude Ale
Greg’s Belgian Ale
Helios Ale
Helles Bock Lager
Hop Angel IPA
In Agave Cerveza
Jackie Treehorn American Wheat
Juicy Goosey
Leeki Lifeboat
Little Heine
Lumpy’s Lager
Maibock on Mango
Mark Attack Red Ale
Milfoil Saison
MinneGose Gose Style Ale
Mr. Jimmy’s Baltic Porter
Mt. Hood Pale Ale
Nunmorblak Black Ale
Peach Kettle Sour
Peach Opah! Sour Ale
Peanut Butter Amber Ale
Peanut Butter Pale Ale
Quintana Mexican Lager
Quintana On Chipotle Peppers
Rock Pile Porter
Rum Barrel Scofflaw RIS
Rye-Der Ale
Sabina Belgian Blond Ale
Scofflaw Firkin Imperial
Scofflaw Russian Imperial Stout
Scofflaw Russian Imperial Stout on Coconut
Scofflaw Russian Imperial Stout on Rum Chips
Shattered Solstice Ale
Sherry Barrel Helles Bock Lager
Single Simcoe
Spring Island American Wheat
St. Alban’s Bay Amber Ale
Sunburn Cherry Wheat Ale
Tan Lines Ale
Triad #3
West Side Collaboration Sour
XLCR 2.1
XLCR 2.2