A Night out with the MVG (Most Valuable Ginger)

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A Night out with the MVG (Most Valuable Ginger)

How will you spend the longest night of the year?

Winter solstice hits December 22nd and we think 16 hours of darkness could lead to some interesting revelry.  While there is no question about your libation of choice (Shattered Solstice now available in bombers and the taproom).  Deciding who will accompany you can be just as important.

Our light-bodied, ginger-infused amber is too good not to share, but with whom?

We suggest you go with the theme, find a redhead and ginger-infuse your entire night.  To help you along, we’ve created a list of the top five ginger’s that would make your night memorable…

Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump
We didn’t say you had to vote for him, but draining a few Shattered Solstice bottles with this guy would at the very least be entertaining.  Make sure to chill his gold chalice before you pour and let the unintentional comedy begin.  Odds are he may even pick up the tab at the end of a night bar-hopping in his chopper.

Ultimate Wingman Ron Weasley
Who better to scare up trouble than Harry Potter’s lead bro?  The guy has a nose for adventure and ultimately ended up with Hermione, so you know he’s got game.

Washed-up Rocker turned Mom Ginger Spice
Who?  Yeah we know, but she really fits our theme so we’re including her even though as a conversationalist her acumen remains unproven.  At the very least she’s not bad to look at and you may get the dirt on Posh.

Gold Medal Snowboard Beast Shaun White
There’s no doubt the Flying Tomato has stories to tell and is no stranger to a cold beer.  He may even let you wear one of his two Olympic gold medals out– those can’t hurt as conversation starters in the taproom.

Hemp-infused Legend Willie Nelson
A fun dude to hang with, though you’d have to be sure not to go totally Chris Farley on him.  “Remember that time you got drunk in jail and were banned from ever returning to the Bahamas? … That was awesome.”


So who did we miss?  Ron Howard?  Conan O’Brien?  Who would you most like to share your Shattered Solstice with, and more importantly what would you do?   Tweet us at #excelsiorbrew