30 Shades of (Bitteschlappe) Brown

Amar is the "Indian in the Cupboard"...ya get it?!

Amar is the “Indian in the Cupboard”…ya get it?!

Welcome to 30 Shades of Brown, where we will be featuring all things Brown-related at the brewery. If you don’t already know, our Bitteschlappe Brown Ale (one of three flagship brews) has taken off over the past few months. With a hefty amount of Vienna malt, you get a delicious blast of sweet caramel and soft roasted flavors throughout the beer. It features a medium body and low bitterness, making this beer the most flavorful and drinkable combination we could imagine. In our numerous beer dinners, this beer finds its way as the feature of the night paired with the main course. With Eat Shop’s Pork Loin, Pittsburgh Blue’s Ancho-Crusted Filet, Pig and Fiddle’s Braised Beef Cheeks (among many others), this beer has proved to be the quintessential beer to enjoy with food.

Currently, restaurants like Nightingale, Butcher and Boar and Ike’s have looked to the Bitteschlappe to go with their delicious grilled items. BUT let’s not forget our BBQ brethren Chuckwagon Charlies, Famous Daves and Hurricane Wings, where their sauces have met their match with our brown ale. Sweetness and char take the beer to a WHOLE other level.

This brings us to our 50 Shades of Brown:

Bitteschlappe is currently on tap at:

  1. Biella
  2. 318 Cafe
  3. Jake O’Connors
  4. Hurricane Wings
  5. Franc 44 Cheese Shop
  6. Chuckwagon Charlies
  7. Pairings Food and Wine
  8. Eat Shop Kitchen/Bar
  9. Wayzata Bar and Grill
  10. Birches
  11. Butcher and the Boar
  12. Bulldog NE (cask)
  13. Dakota Jazz Club
  14. Bachelor Farmer
  15. Moto-i
  16. Rye’s Deli
  17. Nightingale
  18. Famous Daves

That’s a nice selection across the metro, with a wide range of food styles to suite your palette, no matter what mood you’re in!

WHICH brings us to the second portion of 30 Shades of Brown, our profile on accountant/financial manager extraordinaire, Amar Patel. Featured above as an “Indian in the Cupboard” (because he’s Indian…and it’s a pun. Ya get it?!), Amar has worked with us from the get-go. If you’ve been in the taproom or at events and have had the chance to meet him personally, you’ll know he’s the most easy going human you could ever meet. BUT there are a ton of other facts about our “Knight of Numbers” that you may not know. So, without further ado, here are 12 facts about Amar:

  1. Graduated from THE Ohio State University
  2. With HONORS
  3. Biggest Beer Geek at the brewery
  4. Grew up in Plymouth, MN (right down the road from us)
  5. Loves Phish. Likes fish.
  6. Has culinary skills that you CAN’T believe
  7. Huge fan of ‘Hopping Frog Frosted Christmas’ beer
  8. Competed in the Ultimate Frisbee Club at OSU
  9. Loves Game of Thrones. Loves it. Lives for the realm.
  10. Has traveled extensively to other nations
  11. Can grow a wonderful mustache
  12. Has excellent fine motor skills.

There ya have it, 30 Shades of Brown to get you ready for your weekend! See you in the taproom soon, cheers!